Dr. J.L.G. Fierro (ICP-CSIC, Spain)

Dr. P. L. Arias (UPV-EHU, Spain)

Dr. J. M. Coronado (IMDEA Energía, Spain)

Dr. H.J. Freund, (Fritz Haber Institute, Germany)

Dr. X. Verykios (U. Patras, Greece)

Dr. L. Petterson (KTH, Sweden)

Dr. P. Ocón, (UAM, Spain)

Dr. F. Jaouen (U. Montpellier, France)

Dr. S. Rojas (ICP-CSIC, Spain)

Dr. R. Rinaldi (Imperial College, UK)

Dr. E. Falabella (Petrobras, Brasil)

Dr. P.J. Maireles (U. Malaga, Spain)

Dr. A. Holmen (U. Trondheim, Norway)

Dr. H. Niemantsverdriet (TU. Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

Dr. P. Reyes (U. Concepción, Chile)

Dr. S. Suárez (CIEMAT, Spain)

Dr. S. T. Oyama (U. Tokyo, Japan)

Dr. J.M. Campos–Martin (ICP-CSIC, Spain)

Dr. David Martín Alonso (U. Madison-Wisconsin, USA)

CCESC 2016 | Spain


Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica CSIC
C/ Marie Curie, 2. 28049 Madrid, Spain

CCESC 2016 | Spain

Scientific Program & Registration Fees

Scientific Program

Scientific program will consist of 3 invited lectures, 3 keynotes, about 25 oral presentations and an estimate of 80 posters. This symposium will be organized around the following topics:

Catalytic Technologies for the Production of Bioproducts and Biofuels

Biosyngas production and transformation (FTS, Methanol, DME…)

Biofuels from Gasification and Pyrolysis

High added value products from lignocellulose, algae and waste oils

Catalysis for Sustainable Chemistry and Environmental Protection

Novel Processes

Photocatalysis and heterogeneous catalysis for water and air treatment

CO2 as raw material

Hydrogen: production, storage and uses

Hydrogen production from catalytic reformate, from photocatalytic water splitting, by thermochemical cycles, by electrolysis, biohydrogen routes

Fuel Cells and Electrocatalysis

H2 storage

CCESC 2016 Contributions | Deadline April 15th

Abstracts Submission

Registration Fees

Early Bird: 400 €

From August 1st 2016: 500 €

On site: 600 €

Registration fee includes conference attendance, documentation, welcome and closing reception, coffee breaks and congress gala dinner.

CCESC 2016 | Spain


Spanish Hydrogen Association

The Spanish Hydrogen Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. Its main aim is the promotion of hydrogen technology development as an energy carrier, and its use in industrial and commercial applications. AeH2 members are the most active Spanish companies, public and private institutions and researchers in hydrogen technology,

Spanish Hydrogen Association AeH2 | Spain

Key Dates



Dr. J.M. Campos-Martín, ICP-CSIC, Co-Chair
Dr. S. Rojas, ICP-CSIC, Co-Chair
Dr. M.C. Álvarez-Galván, ICP-CSIC Secretary
Dr. M.A. Peña, ICP-CSIC, Treasurer
Prof. Dr. P.L. Arias, UPV-EHU
Prof. Dr. J.F. Cambra, UPV-EHU
Prof. Dr. P. Maireles, Univ. Málaga
Dr. J. Santamaría, Univ. Málaga


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CCESC 2016 Organizing Committee | Spain